Jameson | Black Barrel

Live paint

To celebrate the Jameson Black Barrel craft market, Jameson decided to take to the streets, or walls for that matter.

From November 27th - 29th, Jameson Black Barrel hosted a craft market in Dublin. Some of Ireland's most talented crafts people joined together for one weekend of live music, artisan food and whiskey tastings. As well as a demo from Master Cooper Ger Buckley. Yes, we should have thought of this sooner.

A craft market with a twist.

The video shows some of the process involved in creating accurate lettering to convey a message while in keeping with the overall mood of the brand. The first part was painted a month before the event with the tag line - "Yes, we should have thought of this sooner" and to gather some momentum in the week leading up to the event - "A craft market with a twist" was added. 

Date: 16th- 20th November 2015

Location: The Bernard Shaw | Richmond Street | Dublin

Dimensions: 32ft x 8ft